Follow your passion

If you follow your passion, the money and happiness will follow.

But if you just follow the route to make money, without paying heed to your heart and passion, happiness will get lost somewhere on the way.

That is why it is so important to follow your passion.

Our teachers, parents, and elders are so wary of unconventional jobs that they get scared when their kids try to make a living in a way that is “not normal”.

But, one has to learn that when the children follow their passion, they work hard on it because they are passionate about what they do. This eventually makes them an expert in the field, and experts are always looked up to for guidance. There can always be a way to make a living out of what you love if you are just courageous enough to follow your heart.

Anyone out there who’s followed their passion, instead of the ‘conventional’ jobs their parents wanted them to take up? I would love to hear your story.


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Why choose software testing as your career


While making a career choice, most people want to know the details about their options. So, if you are considering IT as your field of work, look into testing as an option too, along with your already weighed into option of development.

Most people consider development as better than testing. They say “anyone can test”.

Maybe, but not everyone can become a good tester. Taking cricket as an example, anyone can bat or bowl, but not everyone can perform like Rahul Dravid, Ricky Ponting, or Shane Warne. And that is true for any field. You need a specific skill set and attitude to excel in any field.

We are in need of brilliant minds in the software testing field. So, take some time to consider this career option. Testing is as challenging (if not more) as Development.

Here are my reasons for choosing this field as my career path:

1. I get to see the bigger picture.
What is so seductive about the field of testing applications is that I get to know the flow of how things work.While a developer will only know about the part he/she is working on, I will know everything about how the different parts connect.
I love being able to look at the bigger picture

2. I get to code too.
While working on test automation, I get to work on my favourite language Python. I love the part of automating tests by coding, and watching them get executed is pure magic.

3. Software testing is as interesting as the job of a detective.
I can be the Sherlock Holmes, or Hercule Poirot, of the team. Finding out scenarios when the application would break, and finding out why the bug is occurring is what I do.

4. It is satisfying when you help find, and resolve, critical bugs.
It is highly satisfying to find a critical bug before the customer finds it.
To provide quality software to customers makes me feel good too.

5. I get to be creative.
One needs to be creative to find bugs. You need to think of all scenarios that the application could be subjected to.

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Life as a 20-something Career Woman

Office Woman

On the occasion of Women’s day, I thought I’d write a post on my life as a 20-something career woman.

First of all, I will send a big thank you to the women in my life who have influenced the way I look at my job, and the way I handle my work life.
They are: my mother, and my first boss and mentor.

My mother taught me how to be always true to yourself, even while working for someone else. She’s been an example of sincerity, hard work, and of always standing up for what you think is right (even when your boss thinks otherwise)

And I was lucky to have a great boss, right in my first project. I have always been lucky in that aspect, having never faced a situation of having to report to a boss who makes life terrible (unlike some of my friends who have/had such bosses). She has always been an ideal to me – an example of how an awesome mentor is. She helped boost my confidence in my abilities (like a good mentor does), and she was someone with whom anyone could discuss anything – with ease. I also learnt one important lesson from her – It is possible to love your job so much that people call you a workaholic. This lesson helped me through times when I did not agree with where my career path was going. It gave me strength to stand up, take action, and work towards the goal of finding what I loved, rather than just wasting time in a stagnant position.

Now, being a 20-something career woman, who’s not married yet, is definitely easier than being a working mother. Hats off to all the young working mothers out there. I guess it is time every company out there opens an in-house daycare center for the young children of the employees.
Am I digressing?

Well…it is easier. But, not that easy. There’s still a difference when you are working, and you are a woman. Most of the time, I have felt equal to my male peers. No one I have met has made me feel that I lack somewhere because I am a woman. No one can ever make me feel that, but I have always been treated well by all my colleagues. I don’t know whether I have been lucky, or whether it is the boon of working in a private sector, or something else.
There has only been one difference I have ever felt, and that is – working late nights is very uncomfortable if you are a woman.. There are safety concerns, your parents get worried, and even though you might not mind working, you feel it’s not worth the discomfort it causes around you.

In a nutshell, what I feel about being a working woman is nothing can put you down unless you let it. You are no less than anyone else and you can achieve heights if you just realize that each one of us is full of potential to shine like the sun.

Cheers to you my sisters!!

On using open-source tools..

I have learnt so much since I joined my current company!!

In my previous company (one of the supposedly “Big” companies that all aunties think you should be working in), I had an impression that every software/tool you use for business should be a paid software. I was kept miles away from the “open-source” pool – Maybe, because no one else around me knew about it, or maybe it was in the interest of the company.. who knows??

Had I known earlier that there were open-source automation tools, I would surely have implemented it in the first project that I worked in. It had so much of regression testing, and manual testing was so tiresome – filling the same data in the same CRM form again and again.

Now I am delighted to have learnt that almost everything can be done without even paying a penny to any third-party.

I am using an open-source Bug tracking system (Redmine – It’s awesome btw!). I have started using an open-source automation tool Selenium for executing the tedious and repetitive regression testing tasks.

I guess I just needed a push in the right direction, because now that I know what to look for, I keep finding tools here and there that are open-source, and that are very, very useful while testing.

Looking back, I see how much I have learnt, and I feel happy that I am growing my knowledge base day-by-day. Also, I feel that because I have started to love my job, I am getting to learn newer, cooler stuff in a faster rate, because I actively look for it.

And that is why I feel loving the work you do is very important.

Appointed Bug Hunter!!!

This is the official post declaring my appointment as a Bug Hunter!!

haha..right. It was a self-appointment. So what? That’s what i am 🙂

I would consider my journey as a bug-hunter to be beginning from the day i started to love my work, and that was not too long ago. It was around the time I joined my current company.

Before that I did work in the same field, but back then, neither did I get to learn so much nor did I enjoy my work.

What I have learnt so far

There are two things I have learnt since I started my role as a career woman:
1. The company you work in is a major factor of your work satisfaction.
Money is not as important as the company’s alignment with your ethics and values.
2. I love to learn new stuff. If I am stuck in a mundane world, with nothing left to learn, I will be terribly unhappy.

I have learnt a lot since the day I stepped into the world of software as an unassuming-just-out-of-college engineer.

Despite performing well in training period, I was not given a choice between testing and development in my first company. I would have chosen the latter back then, as do most freshers (who have a choice) in today’s world. Needless to say I got Testing. That was how it started..

Now I have realized how cool Testing is. And what I love the most about it is how I get to see the bigger picture. While the developers would only have good knowledge of the functionality they worked on, I have to know the requirements and the working of the whole product.

A few days back, I remembered how my sister & I used to say we’d become detectives once we grow up (influence of the detective series we used to watch). Well, I am kind of living the dream right now. After all, Testing is detective work, isn’t it? That’s what we do – find out bugs and why they occurred.

I’m opening this journal to jot down things that i learn while trying to become a better bug hunter.

“All ye bugs, I’ll seek you out!”