Facebook script error affected entire world wide web

FB error

This article is about a recent bug that occurred in Facebook and affected most of the websites in the world wide web.

Many websites, including the major and hugely popular ones like MSNBC.com, CNN,  Pinterest, ESPN, TED, HBO, WordPress, Yahoo, and The Washington Post, were brought down by an error in a Facebook script on February 7, 2013. Upon visiting the websites, users were redirected to an error page inside of the Facebook website.

Most sites use this small Facebook script to allow visitors to “like” and “share” their products and news on Facebook. So, although Facebook quickly fixed the issue, millions of users were affected by it.

Now, imagine a malevolent hacker somehow finding a way to inject their code into legitimate websites in this manner, and having his/her script executed in millions of machines almost instantaneously. Sends shivers down the spine just to think how vulnerable our internet really is.

Here’s a video of the error occurring in real-time:

Find links to your website through Google

Thanks to a post in another blog (http://blog.nerdstogeeks.com/2009/06/track-links-to-your-site-from-google.html), I learnt a new thing yesterday.

You can find out all the references to your website in the world wide web by this simple trick.

Just go to Google search, type in “link: ‘Your website URL’“, and press Enter.

Google will list out all the links to your website URL from where people can visit your page. Nice, huh?