Trying to be Agile

dilbert user stories

In my current company, we are still in the process of learning how to become Agile. It is a phase of confusion on how to overcome obstacles like the one depicted in the above Dilbert comic strip.

So, I have been reading and reading. I also picked up a book on “Agile Testing” by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, and I am going through it with my testing team.

The questions that I need answered are –

1. People are resistant to change. How do we inspire them to adopt Agile behaviour without forcing it down their throats?

2. How do you handle someone who comes late in daily huddle almost every morning? Is that person supposed to be thrown out of the team?

3. How do you make the whole team feel responsible for quality when the programmers have made it a habit to leave all testing for the testers?

4. In our teams here, we have programmers specialized in particular sections of the code. Now, if we have a high priority task in one section (worth one or more sprints), and one lower priority task in another section. Tasks are taken up to give the full high priority section to the particular resource. The other resource is asked to work on the lower priority. What is the correct way? Can we improve?

5. We are struggling with the attitude that scrum is only for projects that do not get critical, urgent requirements frequently. How do we change this?

Maybe, as we finish the book, we will get answers to the above questions. Till then, I would love to hear any thoughts that you would like to share about them.