Issue in auto suggestions when multiple words of the same record start similarly

similar multiple words in a record

This one adds to my list of test cases for auto suggestion functionality. It really depends on the implementation whether this test applies or not, but it is still good to add to your check list.

In our case, auto suggestions are displayed using keywords mapped to the record. There is one keyword for each word in a name.

Example: “New Delhi” should show up as a suggestion when either “New” or “Delhi” is typed in.
So, there are two records in database – one with “New” as a keyword, and one with “Delhi” as a keyword.

But, what happens when words in a single name start similarly.

For example, there is a city named “Tarn Taran”. Both words in the name start with “Tar”.
When I type in “Tar”, both keywords “Tarn” and “Taran” will get matched, and if it’s not handled in the code, Auto-suggest list will display two records for “Tarn Taran”.


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