My Life purpose is to…Learn



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This post has been in my drafts for almost 2 years.. I don’t even know what took it so long. It took me time to understand, but I have found it. My life purpose. That was also around the time when I left my first job. I knew it was no longer helping with my life purpose. I love to learn new stuff whether it is new skills or other people’s view points, or maybe just getting on in the world. That’s why I love reading books and blogs. That’s why I want to travel and see other people of other cultures live their lives. That’s why I consider every life experience and every person I come across as a learning. I was reading Carol Adrienne’s “The Purpose of your life just before I found my life purpose. So, I attribute two things in my life to that book. First, finding my life purpose, and second, finding the courage to walk out of the job I had started to almost hate. Have you found your life purpose? What is it?


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