How to Find Happiness

I came across this strip yesterday and loved it!

This got me wondering (yet again) why it was more important to people to get a big salary than to live a full life.

Why run after that big salary package when all it means is losing sight of the bigger picture that is life?

Isn’t satisfaction and happiness in what you do more important than how much you earn?

Why do people think the measure of success is how much a person earns, and not how many relationships he/she has nurtured, or how satisfied with life he/she is?

Doesn’t successful living mean not having any regrets with the life you have lived?

What is wrong with the husband staying at home, and taking care of the child and home (role-reversal in some people’s words) while the wife goes to office?

What is wrong with not going to an office for a 9 to 5 job, and working at home at your own time?

I would respect any person who invents his/her own life meaning like the guy in the strip. After all, finding the meaning of your life is what actually makes life worth living.

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