Bugs I found in my phone

Nokia_MessagingThere are bugs in my phone’s software. It being a Symbian and a discontinued phone, It would be quite advisable  to buy a new phone. But, I am putting that off for now, because my phone still acts like a phone – most of the times..

Anyway, this post is to list out the bugs I found in my phone. Anyone who is testing a mobile phone should test these scenarios too.

1) If I switch off my phone while it is in the process of sending an SMS, it will delete all the messages stored in it

(I have no option other than to erase all my stored messages in this way when my phone hangs while sending an SMS)

2) If I am deleting the first message, and simultaneously receive an SMS, the just received message will get deleted, and the one I was deleting will still be present in the message folder.

nokia_5800_display_issue   3) This bug is known to any user who has this phone model – Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic.

The display stops working at times, and starts displaying bright, colourful lines instead.

(This  has been present since around one month after I bought the phone)

Have you found any bugs in your phone? List them out so we could help fellow testers who test mobile phones.


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