Why choose software testing as your career


While making a career choice, most people want to know the details about their options. So, if you are considering IT as your field of work, look into testing as an option too, along with your already weighed into option of development.

Most people consider development as better than testing. They say “anyone can test”.

Maybe, but not everyone can become a good tester. Taking cricket as an example, anyone can bat or bowl, but not everyone can perform like Rahul Dravid, Ricky Ponting, or Shane Warne. And that is true for any field. You need a specific skill set and attitude to excel in any field.

We are in need of brilliant minds in the software testing field. So, take some time to consider this career option. Testing is as challenging (if not more) as Development.

Here are my reasons for choosing this field as my career path:

1. I get to see the bigger picture.
What is so seductive about the field of testing applications is that I get to know the flow of how things work.While a developer will only know about the part he/she is working on, I will know everything about how the different parts connect.
I love being able to look at the bigger picture

2. I get to code too.
While working on test automation, I get to work on my favourite language Python. I love the part of automating tests by coding, and watching them get executed is pure magic.

3. Software testing is as interesting as the job of a detective.
I can be the Sherlock Holmes, or Hercule Poirot, of the team. Finding out scenarios when the application would break, and finding out why the bug is occurring is what I do.

4. It is satisfying when you help find, and resolve, critical bugs.
It is highly satisfying to find a critical bug before the customer finds it.
To provide quality software to customers makes me feel good too.

5. I get to be creative.
One needs to be creative to find bugs. You need to think of all scenarios that the application could be subjected to.

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