Life as a 20-something Career Woman

Office Woman

On the occasion of Women’s day, I thought I’d write a post on my life as a 20-something career woman.

First of all, I will send a big thank you to the women in my life who have influenced the way I look at my job, and the way I handle my work life.
They are: my mother, and my first boss and mentor.

My mother taught me how to be always true to yourself, even while working for someone else. She’s been an example of sincerity, hard work, and of always standing up for what you think is right (even when your boss thinks otherwise)

And I was lucky to have a great boss, right in my first project. I have always been lucky in that aspect, having never faced a situation of having to report to a boss who makes life terrible (unlike some of my friends who have/had such bosses). She has always been an ideal to me – an example of how an awesome mentor is. She helped boost my confidence in my abilities (like a good mentor does), and she was someone with whom anyone could discuss anything – with ease. I also learnt one important lesson from her – It is possible to love your job so much that people call you a workaholic. This lesson helped me through times when I did not agree with where my career path was going. It gave me strength to stand up, take action, and work towards the goal of finding what I loved, rather than just wasting time in a stagnant position.

Now, being a 20-something career woman, who’s not married yet, is definitely easier than being a working mother. Hats off to all the young working mothers out there. I guess it is time every company out there opens an in-house daycare center for the young children of the employees.
Am I digressing?

Well…it is easier. But, not that easy. There’s still a difference when you are working, and you are a woman. Most of the time, I have felt equal to my male peers. No one I have met has made me feel that I lack somewhere because I am a woman. No one can ever make me feel that, but I have always been treated well by all my colleagues. I don’t know whether I have been lucky, or whether it is the boon of working in a private sector, or something else.
There has only been one difference I have ever felt, and that is – working late nights is very uncomfortable if you are a woman.. There are safety concerns, your parents get worried, and even though you might not mind working, you feel it’s not worth the discomfort it causes around you.

In a nutshell, what I feel about being a working woman is nothing can put you down unless you let it. You are no less than anyone else and you can achieve heights if you just realize that each one of us is full of potential to shine like the sun.

Cheers to you my sisters!!


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