Updating Redmine data when you have no backup.sql file

In reference to my previous post in the blog (https://amybughunter.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/migrating-your-redmine-instance-to-another-machine/), I am writing this post to describe how I went about updating the database of my new Redmine instance without the backup file.

I had just copied the whole old Redmine folder as an error occurred while creating the database backup file.
Now, to update the new Redmine instance, you need an SQL backup file as detailed in my previous post. And I only had my old MySQL folder at hand.
I could not find much online for this scenario, and I hope this post will, someday, help someone who is lost about how to go about it.
So, this is how I went about it.

1. Here, I will assume you have copied the whole of your old Bitnami Redmine Stack to a safe location in your machine.
That is, you have directly performed steps 3 and 4 from the previous post, without performing steps 1, and 2.
2. Install a New Bitnami Redmine Stack as detailed in step 5 of previous post.
3. Replace the MySQL folder of this Stack with that of the Old one.
4. Now, you can create the database backup file “redmine_backup.sql” as detailed in the previous post.
5. Perform all the steps (from previous post) from the beginning for the migration of the Stack. The files, plugins will be taken from the old Stack’s backup that you saved in the step 1 here.


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