On using open-source tools..

I have learnt so much since I joined my current company!!

In my previous company (one of the supposedly “Big” companies that all aunties think you should be working in), I had an impression that every software/tool you use for business should be a paid software. I was kept miles away from the “open-source” pool – Maybe, because no one else around me knew about it, or maybe it was in the interest of the company.. who knows??

Had I known earlier that there were open-source automation tools, I would surely have implemented it in the first project that I worked in. It had so much of regression testing, and manual testing was so tiresome – filling the same data in the same CRM form again and again.

Now I am delighted to have learnt that almost everything can be done without even paying a penny to any third-party.

I am using an open-source Bug tracking system (Redmine – It’s awesome btw!). I have started using an open-source automation tool Selenium for executing the tedious and repetitive regression testing tasks.

I guess I just needed a push in the right direction, because now that I know what to look for, I keep finding tools here and there that are open-source, and that are very, very useful while testing.

Looking back, I see how much I have learnt, and I feel happy that I am growing my knowledge base day-by-day. Also, I feel that because I have started to love my job, I am getting to learn newer, cooler stuff in a faster rate, because I actively look for it.

And that is why I feel loving the work you do is very important.


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