Appointed Bug Hunter!!!

This is the official post declaring my appointment as a Bug Hunter!!

haha..right. It was a self-appointment. So what? That’s what i am 🙂

I would consider my journey as a bug-hunter to be beginning from the day i started to love my work, and that was not too long ago. It was around the time I joined my current company.

Before that I did work in the same field, but back then, neither did I get to learn so much nor did I enjoy my work.

What I have learnt so far

There are two things I have learnt since I started my role as a career woman:
1. The company you work in is a major factor of your work satisfaction.
Money is not as important as the company’s alignment with your ethics and values.
2. I love to learn new stuff. If I am stuck in a mundane world, with nothing left to learn, I will be terribly unhappy.

I have learnt a lot since the day I stepped into the world of software as an unassuming-just-out-of-college engineer.

Despite performing well in training period, I was not given a choice between testing and development in my first company. I would have chosen the latter back then, as do most freshers (who have a choice) in today’s world. Needless to say I got Testing. That was how it started..

Now I have realized how cool Testing is. And what I love the most about it is how I get to see the bigger picture. While the developers would only have good knowledge of the functionality they worked on, I have to know the requirements and the working of the whole product.

A few days back, I remembered how my sister & I used to say we’d become detectives once we grow up (influence of the detective series we used to watch). Well, I am kind of living the dream right now. After all, Testing is detective work, isn’t it? That’s what we do – find out bugs and why they occurred.

I’m opening this journal to jot down things that i learn while trying to become a better bug hunter.

“All ye bugs, I’ll seek you out!”



2 thoughts on “Appointed Bug Hunter!!!

  1. Amit Sinha says:

    really a good bug hunter u r. When ever I have shown u my screen u found out something at a glance. I am afraid of showing u my screen now because it suggests either u r a very good tester or i am a bad developer. I know i am not a bad developer.

    • You are a good developer..You know that yourself.
      But it is very difficult to test one’s own code. Also developers mostly look at positive test cases (not the negative test cases). Everyone has their own specialization and developers are more skilled in coding. That is why testers exist. To help developers increase the code quality. That is the tester’s specialization.:)

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